Jason Poland's Midi Collection (Best Files)
Jason Poland's Original Compositions
  • Opus One and 1/2
  • Opus 5
  • Dawn is Breaking in Gm
  • Dissonant Tritones in my Head
  • A Summer's Finale (Uncompleted...New one coming soon)
  • Vibe Round to Submission
  • Dissonant Tritones #2
  • Gustav Theordore Von Holst; His Two Military Suites and The Planets
  • 1st SUITE IN Eb: Chaconne
  • 1st SUITE IN Eb: Intermezzo
  • 1st SUITE IN Eb: March
  • SECOND SUITE IN F: First Movement "March"
  • SECOND SUITE IN F: My Favorite Classical Piece of all time, the Second Movement "Song Without Words"
  • SECOND SUITE IN F: Third Movement: Song of The Blacksmith
  • SECOND SUITE IN F: Fourth and Final Movement: Fantasia on the Dargason
  • The Planets: MARS
  • The Planets: JUPITER
  • The Planets: URANUS
  • The Planets: SATURN
  • Debussy's Nocturns and other works:
    1. Nuages
    2. Sirens
    3. Fetes
    4. First Arabesque
  • Other Great Classical Works
  • John Barnes Chance: Incantation and Dance (COMPLETE SCORE FROM ORIGINAL)
  • Richard Wagner: "LIEBESTOD" (Love/death) from the Opera Tristan and Solden
  • Bach's TOCATTA AND FUGE in Dm
  • Bach's Little Fuge in Gm (This is a VERY good file)
  • Very Hard to Find Chicago File: (That was written out all by ear by myself!)
  • Poem to the People, from Chicago 2
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