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What makes my life worth living? Is it the dawn on Lake George or the beauty of a woman by your side who would love you for who you really are? Or is it the creation of a Masterpiece it's notes and chords each filled with the composers heart and soul? Maybe its interperating the meaning of a poet or the singing of a protesting soul who wants to make people think of their misgivings? To me life is either up or down and if you let it one will consume the other through lack of faith or proper ways to let the soul deal with problems. Careers come and go, and money too, yet we think these things as important. To me, life doesn't have to be controlled by there things. Rather, we have to live around them, otherwise, the balance of 'up' and 'down' will take a turn for the worst. And in the end, we all get eaten by the worms the same way, but it will be the things that you have done in your life to help others that will determine whether you will be remembered well. To me, happiness is something I get when I help someone and I know I am making a difference. Whether it's helping the girl I love with her problems with the men SHE loves, or seeing an elderly man smile because you have come to bring a little light into his sad lonely life, or even driving a friend home so he or she doesn't have to walk home in the pouring rain, that's what makes my life worth living. Someday someone will be kind to me and want to be by my side. My faith has kept me strong in my rejection. To everyone who reads this, the will be let known that my passionate soul has been stepped upon and broken before, but I will always come back through my faith, for my job to help others, which I hold so dear, has just begun and I still want to stick around to see the dusk on my mountain at Lake George. -Jason Phillip Poland