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For Amy

From the first day I met you in 1996 at Florie's 16th Birthday Party, I have always known that you had something that every other girl did not. Although we have both gone through some mistakes and hardships, and had tried a relationship once before, we both grew up and with the grace of god, you came to me, on the night of my senior prom, and told me you wanted to give me a second chance. So here we are, and the months together have flown, and although we have a couple rough area's, we never have fought, and rarely argued. You share with me the joys of your life, and all I can do is smile and gaze at your beautiful smile. I always know that smile, and what it means. For when you smile like that at me, all I want to do is to hold you and tell you how much I want to be with you from now until forever.

Oh, and by the way, I hope you like the background music! ;-)
Amy, put any messages here for me:

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